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Established in the year of 1989Darshan Heat Electricals (DHE), are India's prominent manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Heaters.  Our product range includes Tubular Heater, Manifold Heaters, Micro Coil Heater, Cast-In Brass Coil Heater, High Watt Density Cartridge Heater, High Performance Nozzle Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Mica Band Heaters, Strip Heater, Coil Heaters, Cast Aluminium Heater . Successfully positioned in the domestic and international trade, we generate an average turnover of up to US$ 10 Million (or up to Rs. 15 Million Approx.).

We design, manufacture and export all types of Industrial Heaters to more than 22 Countries worldwide and the number is increasing rapidly.

Our products are high quality products – at every stage of their development and manufacturing they pass through high quality standards as per international quality standard that guarantees their long-lasting and reliable operations. Our wide range of best quality products gives our customers the level of satisfaction they want to smoothen their business operations. “Satisfied Customers are the Back Bone of DHE”.

Technical heaters have pioneered the creation of a wide range of electrically heated products that have become indispensable elements in today’s world. We manufacture a wide range of heaters and having specialty in Micro Coil Heaters, Manifold Heaters for Hot Runner Systems and high-density cartridge heaters.

Providing a one stop solution to all your Industrial Heater needs….

Darshan Heat Electricals (called DHE) is a specializing in manufacture of high quality hot runner Coil Heaters, various special profile Coil Heaters, Manifold Heaters and other hot runner products. With strong technical team, the company owns advanced machinery, high-tech quality assurance system, and high-tech management system with innovative man power that produce flawless product.

Much of what we produce custom built heaters to meet our customer’s requirement and evaluate their problems and provide complete solutions with state-of-the-art technology. DHE technician’s have been attaching importance to product quality and taking the product quality as an enterprise’s life. All the raw materials are based on the high quality ones made by well-known domestic and international manufacturers and all the products are made through standard production procedures. Each product has been performed with strict inspection before delivery to customers in order to ensure that interest of customers and to safeguard the image of the company.

The DHE has been praised for its attaching importance to quality and reputation and provided its supporting products for customers. ”We have what others have not, and ours are better in quality than others”The product can be custom made in accordance with different requirement of customers.

“We are proud of the leadership position we have earned for our Company. Our corporate office, manufacturing plant and engineering center is located in Ahmedabad, India”

“DHE has been dedicated to Die Mould, Packing and Plastic Industry with Specialize & Innovative engineering solutions”

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